About Global Surrogacy Inc.

we connect families, surrogates, and donors to create
the most precious
gifts of all,
the gift of life.

Global Surrogacy carefully screens all donors and surrogates to make sure that the quality of our programs meets the highest standards. Our strength lies in our compassionate and ethical approach in how we treat our clients and how we operate our programs.

Global Surrogacy is committed to ensuring that all of our members have a positive and welcoming experience throughout the course of our services. Our experienced and professional staff are attuned to the concerns of everyone who works with us. Whether you’re a surrogate, donor, or intended parent, we realize this is a major life decision for you, and we never take that for granted. We are here to support you at every step.

Giving life to a child is one of the greatest blessings, and it’s why our agency exists. There is no greater joy for us than to see a mother holding her child for the first time. And while your child fills your heart with love, our hearts are filled with the warmth of seeing everyone smile, including your baby.

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