Jasmine Mitchell

Jasmine Mitchell, Senior Case Manager

"This has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life! Working with surrogates and parents, helping them make their “dreams come true” has been so precious. I am so honored to be with them every step of the way."

You will meet Jasmine in the beginning stages of your intake journey with GSI. As a Case Manager, Jasmine provides individualized attention to each case and personal support to each surrogate throughout their entire journey. She works with medical facilities, surrogates, attorneys, and the GSI team to ensure the process goes smoothly, creating the most memorable experience for you. In addition, she helps in facilitating the screening and matching process of surrogates with our Intended Parents. Jasmine has over 10 years of medical industry career experience. In addition, she has an Associates of Psychology and Bachelor of Business Administration degree. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her family and spending time outdoors hiking and swimming. She is also a huge “foodie”!
Christy Gilbert

Christy Gilbert, Surrogacy & Egg Donor Intake Specialist

"Being part of the Global Surrogacy Inc. family has been a wonderful experience. The gift of making families whole is a gift incomparable."

Whether you are a potential surrogate or an egg donor that is unfamiliar with the process, Christy will be your first stop in understanding the journey. Christy will handle your medical records, required agreements and benefits contract prior to starting the journey with Global Surrogacy Inc. Her approach is honest, kind and straightforward. She has developed a reputation in the medical and surrogacy industry as being a trusted surrogate advocate. With her progressive leadership skills and continuous growth, she has been fortunate to work alongside surrogacy companies to provide successful cases within the past several years. Away from work, Christy enjoys working as an entrepreneur as well as exploring new terrain with her family. Christy is currently studying medicine to pursue her medical degree.
Jenny Fu

Jenny Fu, International Intended Parents Coordinator

"I want our surrogates and families to feel like Global Surrogacy is their home."

As the International IP Coordinator, Jenny oversees the Intended Parents and Surrogate matching process. Jenny’s passion in fertility comes from a medical background from studying nursing. Since she has discovered this field she has been helping families make their dreams come true for over 10 years! Because of her love for family, her goal is to help as many as people as possible who are struggling with infertility have their own families.

Our number one priority here at Global Surrogacy Inc. is to make sure our parents, donors, and surrogates feel like we are their extended family!