Surrogate Compensation

Experienced surrogates can earn up to $80,000 for their participation.*

GSI allows surrogates to choose their own base fee. We will work with you to help you determine a reasonable base fee that is based on the state in which you reside and other qualifying variables while helping to keep your requested fee within a range that will ensure you are matched.

Click the link below to see a breakdown of the fees that surrogates can expect to receive.

*Fees will vary based on surrogates experience.

Compensation benefits

Surrogate Qualifications

Please make sure you meet the necessary criteria before applying to become a surrogate.

  • Must be a US citizen
  • Must be between the ages of 21 and 40 
  • Must have given birth to and have at least partial custody of one child
  • Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 32 or below
  • Must be tobacco-free for at least 12 months
  • Must not have a history of mental illness
  • Must not have taken antidepressants for at least 12 months
  • Must not have a history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Must not be on Government assistance
  • Must be financially stable living in a safe healthy environment
  • Must have a history of uncomplicated pregnancies (verifiable by medical records)
  • Must be willing to undergo a criminal background check

Begin Your Journey

Please fill out our confidential online application, or call us for a personal one on one consultation to determine your eligibility, as well as to personally answer any questions that you may have regarding surrogacy in general. It’s important to us that you are comfortable in your knowledge of the surrogacy process. This call will cover the screening process as well as the necessary requirements and expectations to be accepted into our surrogate program.

You will be able to spend as much time needed with our experienced intake specialist who will conduct a full interview and guide you through the intake process.

Learn More About Surrogacy

Hear from our surrogates what their journey is like.

quote I am an experienced surrogate and this is my first time with this agency. I cannot say enough wonderful things about these women and all they do to make sure their surrogates are comfortable and understand everything each step of the way. A special thank you to my girl Noel Nupp for always being loving, kind, gracious and understanding. She is my rock in the agency and I adore her to no end. Thank you all for helping make my journey memorable and smooth even when hiccups come. I love you all. quote2

- C.D.

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