Why Choose Global Surrogacy Inc.?

Our agency consists of trained medical staff and counselors, many of whom have been surrogates themselves. They have first-hand personal knowledge about the surrogacy process. We have an extensive database of surrogates and egg donors who we have carefully reviewed under the strictest requirements. Our surrogates have voluntarily chosen to work with the parents. They receive full support from our staff to ensure that their experience is positive and memorable. They receive routine medical screenings and emotional support. As a parent, knowing that your surrogate is getting the best care is vital for your own well-being.

A Surrogacy Agency Near You At All Times No Matter Where You Are

Global Surrogacy Inc. is located in the city of Pasadena, CA located approximately 11 miles north east of Los Angeles. We serve everyone in the nearby communities of the San Gabriel Valley and the greater Los Angeles. However, whether you're in our neighborhood or miles away, we stay close to you every step of the way.

As a parent, you have the full support of our caring staff from the day you apply with us until the day you hold your child for the first time.

We Welcome Intended Parents of All Backgrounds

Global Surrogacy Inc. takes pride in helping intended parents from all backgrounds. We work with straight and LGBTQ couples in their search for a surrogate.

We welcome all parents!

What You Can Expect in the Surrogacy Process for Intended Parents

Becoming a parent through surrogacy is a major undertaking. We want our Intended Parents to be informed and aware of what goes on during the surrogacy process. That's why we outlined the process for you below.


The first step is to apply by completing our online Parent Application. Once we've received it, we will review it and inform you of our decision.

Going Over the Donor Database

From there, we will present you with a list of prospective candidates that we have carefully selected based on your individual preferences, criteria, and surrogacy goals. We understand that every family is unique, and we stay flexible so that your experience is tailored to meet your wishes.

Finding Your Match

Once you have agreed to proceed, check our surrogate profile database and make a decision of whom you feel the most connection with. Your profile will be shared with the surrogate you are interested in having a match call with. We will arrange an online meeting between you and the surrogate if she is interested in matching as well. If both parties agree to the match, you are considered a Successful Match. To create a valuable experience for everyone involved, all of our surrogates voluntarily choose to work with the parents. A mutual choice among surrogates and parents means a stronger relationship between both parties.

Establish trust account

Upon matching, we will help you establish a trust account through your journey. This escrow is created especially for egg donation and surrogacy use. It would be more convenient and inexpensive to open an escrow and let it help with issuing funds rather than paying all expenses each time. Intended parents will be required to make a deposit a sufficient amount of funds to cover their surrogate’s compensations / attorney’s fees / psychological evaluation fees / traveling expenses and any other fees may generated throughout the surrogacy journey.

Criminal Background check

All surrogates must pass a criminal background check. We will send the surrogate and her spouse/partner (if applicable) information for a criminal background check. 

Psychological evaluation

We work with the surrogate’s psychologist to screen her making sure she is mentally stable. Psychological clearance is necessary in order to get her medically cleared.

Medical examination

We will help your surrogate schedule a medical screening with your IVF doctor to complete her medical screening. This medical screening will be based on where her monthly cycle is. She will be undergoing an overall health examination, which consists of collecting both urine and blood samples to check for diseases of any kind, drug use, and an ultrasound of her uterus to check her uterine lining and condition. Once the IVF clinic get all the results back, they evaluate if the surrogate is qualified. 

Legal Process

After a surrogate is medically cleared by your IVF clinic, your attorney will start drafting legal contracts upon our request. This part assures everyone involved, surrogate mother and intended parents, understands their legal responsibilities and rights. Both parties will have respective attorneys to instruct you, review, understand and finalize contracts. The surrogacy contract will be required to be signed and notarized.

Fertility treatment

After all the parties have signed legal contracts, the surrogate mother will begin a series of treatments which include medications to increase the chance of a successful pregnancy. The eggs are then fertilized by a sperm donor or the intended father after which we determine whether a successful pregnancy is achieved. We provide our surrogate mothers with full prenatal care to ensure a healthy baby as well as a healthy mother.

Testing the pregnancy

Your surrogate will be scheduled a pregnancy test 10-12 days after the embryo transfer. The fertility clinic will keep monitoring her HCG levels if the blood test results are positive. Within 6-8 weeks, your surrogate will have an ultrasound to confirm the baby has a heartbeat.

PBO and Childbirth

Around 20 weeks of pregnancy, we will start working with both you and your surrogate’s surrogacy attorneys to establish parental rights of your child(children). Once your court judgement is issued, we will notify you and help you get all legal documents ready for the birth of the baby(ies). Global Surrogacy Inc. will guide you through the process of getting the birth certificate, social security card, and passport. 

Become a Parent

Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to accompany you on this wonderful surrogacy journey to make your dream of parenthood into a reality! Please fill out our Parents Intake Form to get this exciting and unforgettable journey started!