Natasha H.


I did lots of research on different surrogate agencies and, of course, they are all different in their own way. The day I got in contact with Global surrogacy is when I felt at home. I was welcomed with open arms and never felt alone. Many may say “but you are new to this”. That may be true, but because of the constant phone calls or emails, asking millions of questions, and receiving all the answers that I needed, I feel like I am well equipped with the knowledge that I needed to make informed decisions regarding my surrogacy journey.. Thank you to all at Global Surrogacy Inc., but a special thanks to my favorite girl, Noel, who never fails to send me reminders, of things I may have forgotten, or just sending me a cute little text to say, “Hello”.

Treva P.


Global Surrogacy inc. Has been an amazing agency to work with. I had so many questions, at the beginning of this journey, and between Trish and Noel they have gone above and beyond to answer all my questions and to help educate me on the entire surrogacy process. Global Surrogacy Inc.has a truly amazing staff whose best interest is with both their Surrogates, as well as their Intended Parents. So happy that I chose to work with Global Surrogacy Inc.

Kylie A.


It has been more than a pleasure working with the ladies at Global Surrogacy Inc.! Throughout my experience, Noel has been more than helpful and goes out of her way to answer any questions I might have. I am extremely grateful to be apart of such a genuine and caring agency. My experience, being a surrogate, could not be any better!

Vivian N.


Global Surrogacy Inc. has been so wonderful with my process. Trish was amazing, with my intake process, and she made me feel absolutely comfortable. Noel has made everything else, in the process, pretty much seamless. I don’t know how I would be going through the process without their assistance. Thank you, Girls!!!