Egg Donor Compensation and Expenses

The intended parents cover all medical, legal, and travel expenses. These costs include medical screening, lab work, medications, attorney fees, and related travel expenses like transportation, meals, and hotel.

All of our egg donors also receive monetary compensation for their generosity.
Repeat egg donors will receive additional compensation.

Egg Donor Qualifications

Please make sure you meet the necessary criteria before applying to become an egg donor.

  • Must be between the ages of 19 - 31 
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Have at least a high school diploma or GED
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18 - 29
  • Be a non-smoker and drug-free
  • Come from a stable family background
  • Be able to provide family genetic background

Egg Donation Process

Complete your Application

If you meet the basic requirements, complete our safe and secure online application. Once you’ve submitted your application, our Egg Donation Director will be in contact with you. She will confirm if you’re approved, and then get you started with the next steps to become an egg donor! Please note we must have your profile, photos, and all documents before you can become an egg donor with us.

Matching Process

Once you have been approved and submitted everything in order to become an active donor with Global Surrogacy Inc., we will add you to our database of donors. Once we’ve found a match for you, our Donor Program Director will contact you to confirm your match, and then we will begin! 

Screening Process

Once you have been matched, you will complete paperwork and schedule your medical screening appointment! The process can take from two to five months and may be expedited as a repeat donor. As you begin the cycle process, it is important to keep in mind that your coordinator will discuss the location of the clinic selected by the Intended Parents that will require you to travel for roughly one week. If you are a first time donor you will be required to complete initial blood work, an ultrasound and blood work, genetic counseling, and a psychological evaluation. This can vary for repeat donors. Most donors are required to travel for the initial medical screening. Your coordinator will book your travel and work with you on making all arrangements prior to medical screening. In addition to medical screening, you will need to complete a psychological evaluation. Your coordinator will help schedule this as well. The cost of the evaluation, as well as any travel or medical expenses, will be covered.

Legal Process

During your screening and initial testing process, an attorney will contact you to create the legal agreement between you and the recipients. This agreement will be completed after medical clearance and it is put in place between the donor and the intended parents to outline your responsibilities and rights as a donor along with ensuring that all of your expenses are covered. Each donor has the right to make changes to the contract to best fit their situation. All legal proceedings are covered during this phase. 

Hormone Therapy

Once legal contracts are complete and legal clearance is issued, the clinic will put a calendar in place that outlines your dates for monitoring and travel. You will administer injections to stimulate egg production in the ovaries. Your doctor will carefully monitor your progress through routine blood tests and ultrasounds done locally to you and then you will monitor at the IVF clinic once your body is closer to the egg retrieval. Your coordinator will help with setting up payment for these appointments and finding you a clinic close to you. You will be required to take a series of the injectable medications for 2-3 weeks depending on the protocol the clinic prescribes.

Egg Retrieval

The egg retrieval process is a short outpatient procedure, lasting around an hour. A doctor will gently suction the eggs vaginally. However, you’ll be completely sedated, so it is required that someone accompany you to your retrieval appointment. Most donors experience minimal to no side effects following egg retrieval. You will be able to travel home 24-48 hours following your egg retrieval.

Become an Egg Donor

Please fill out our confidential online application, or call us for a personal one on one consultation to determine your eligibility, as well as to personally answer any questions that you may have regarding surrogacy in general. It’s important to us that you are comfortable in your knowledge of the surrogacy process. This call will cover the screening process as well as the necessary requirements and expectations to be accepted into our surrogate program.

You will be able to spend as much time needed with our experienced intake specialist who will conduct a full interview and guide you through the intake process.