Global Surrogacy is an agency that can help you get started with your surrogacy journey. We help you connect with donors, surrogates, and families to create a new life. Our program meets the highest standards, and we are there for you every step of the way.

There are a lot of reasons someone would choose to use a surrogate, but ultimately, the choice is totally up to the couple, and their doctor and a woman should never be shamed for choosing surrogacy.

Here are some reasons why women use surrogates:

Have Uterine Issues

Using a surrogate is the best decision for women to make when they have uterine issues. Women with uterine problems are unable to carry a baby full-term. Uterine issues can be caused by cancer, fibroids or uterine scarring.

A Pre-existing Health Condition

One of the reasons why surrogacy is important is because of pre-existing health conditions. Surrogacy is a safe option for people that have health conditions that prevent them from having a healthy baby. Certain health issues such as kidney, or heart issues, make it dangerous for a woman to carry a child.

Had a Hysterectomy as a Result of Cancer

One of the reasons for surrogacy is a hysterectomy. When a woman has cervical or any other type of cancer, a hysterectomy is sometimes involved for treatment. When you remove the female organs, you can no longer have a child. Surrogate mother Global Surrogacy Inc will provide you with a surrogate that will carry a healthy baby for you and your family.

Had Problems with a Previous Pregnancy

When a woman has had a complicated pregnancy, they may choose to use a surrogate mother. Using a surrogate mother is a safer option rather than carrying a baby and risking complications. Some pregnancy complications can be managed, but a doctor may recommend a surrogate.

Pregnant woman suffering migraine sitting on a sofa at home

LGBTQ Couples

Gay couples use the services of a surrogate mother or men will donate their eggs to create a family. Global Surrogacy Inc. works with all people of different backgrounds including LGBTQ couples to help them find the right surrogate mother.

Some people may ask why surrogacy? Using a surrogate mother to fulfill your dream to become a parent is one of the best things you can do for your family.

Global Surrogacy Inc. will help you get on the path to growing your family. Our selection of surrogates is healthy, compassionate, and eager to help create a new life. We have plenty of information for intended parents that are interested in using a surrogate. Let us help you find the right surrogate mother today.