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Surrogate mothers often want to know how to stay fit during their pregnancy journey. Here are a few tips for staying in good shape while you’re pregnant.

Staying in shape will not only help you deal with the effects that pregnancy has on your body but will also speed up your recovery time after childbirth.

Stay Hydrated

Water is healthy for everyone, but it is extremely important to drink water to stay fit while you’re pregnant. Drinking a lot of water (at least 1-½ to 2 liters a day) will have many benefits for your pregnancy. Staying hydrated will lower your chances of weakness and muscle fatigue.

Drinking water will also reduce morning sickness and other, similar, problems. Consuming water will not affect hunger pains, although water can reduce calorie intake.

Maintain a Good Diet During Pregnancy

If you want to stay fit during pregnancy, your diet matters also. You need a variety of nutrients and vitamins to keep you and the baby healthy and strong during your pregnancy. We have a list of foods that you should eat during and after your pregnancy. (this will link to the article about what is your perfect diet during pregnancy when you post it.)

Enjoy the Right Activities

Many people exercise because they believe it’s healthy. In reality, people often end up doing exercises that are not right for them and that they don’t enjoy. They end up giving up on the exercise routine, like so many failed New Year’s resolution fitness goals.

Talk to your physician about your needs during pregnancy and decide on one of the options. You can certainly stay fit doing exercises that are fun. If you don’t like prenatal yoga, you can do other exercises, such as swimming or walking. Swimming is one of the safest exercises to do while pregnant.

There are a lot of exercise programs to choose from that cater to different needs, such as preparing for childbirth or maintaining general fitness. If you have questions, contact us and we will give you more professional suggestions.