Modern medical knowledge promotes regular exercise for health and wellness, and while many pregnant mothers and surrogate mothers may think that exercise needs to be put on hold until the birth of the baby, this isn’t necessarily the truth! Any woman going through pregnancy should consult with their medical professional before starting any workout program, but aerobic exercise has been shown to be safe exercise in pregnancy and have a number of benefits during pregnancy, including:

  • Leaner, healthier babies at birth
  • Helps prevent excessive weight gain
  • Improves heart health for mother and baby
  • Reduces risk of gestational diabetes
  • Decreases fatigue and constipation
  • Promotes strength and stamina for labor and delivery

Which Aerobic Exercises Are Safe During Pregnancy?

Exercise during pregnancy should be kept at a safe, lower intensity, level, and most recommendations state 30 minutes a day for the best results. To promote health while keeping mother and baby safe from harm, the following aerobic exercises may be right for you:

  • Yoga
  • Walking
  • Cycling (Stationary)
  • Swimming
  • Squatting
  • Dancing

Why Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic exercises for pregnancy like the ones listed above are more low-impact and generally help limit stress on the mother’s joints, reduces the risk of weakened pelvic floor muscles and helps them maintain their balance. The benefits of aerobic exercise are going to help keep the mother strong and healthy throughout her pregnancy and better prepare her for a successful labor and birth when it comes time to bring the baby into the world.

Higher intensity workouts like CrossfitHIIT and high-impact cardio are going to put more stress on the joints, muscular and cardiovascular system, all of which are already undergoing a variety of changes. This can stress the mother’s body and, as a result, baby, which is why exercise has been discouraged for so long during pregnancy. With low-impact aerobic exercises, this is changing!